7 Deadly Sins Package

There is nothing like indulging in the delicious act of adultery and debauchery. The sinful experience of pure carnal pleasure is something not even the strongest minded man can resist for long. Engage in a night of utter sin as you enjoy the pleasure of beautiful women willing to go great lengths to make sure you have fun.

Deluxe: A$4700   |   Luxury: A$6400   |  Supreme: A$8000   |  Ultimate: A$15,000

ENVY: Nothing heightens the pleasure of intense lovemaking than the enticing presence of envy.  Brace yourself for the attention of two gorgeous women who want your undivided attention. They will writhe with envy if you dare make the mistake of choosing one of them over the other. Envy makes a woman’s love as intense as the blazing sun. They will fight for your attention and just when you think you have won them over, they will turn to each other and will make you burn with envy.

GREED: Why have two beautiful women fight for your attention, when you can have the undivided attention of three gorgeous women instead? Invite a third model to join your private little party and allow things to really heat up. Be greedy. Demand exactly what you want, and wait for the threesome of these deadly beauties to deliver it to you.

GLUTTONY: The only things other than a woman that has succeeded in holding a man’s attention is food. Enjoy a deliciously carnal meal with these gorgeous women. With bodies covered in dark chocolate and other assorted edible goodies, indulge all your senses and take your pleasure to a new level.

VANITY: What can possibly be better than the company of some very lovely women? Surrounded by mirrors where you can watch yourself have the time of your life with the gorgeous women of course.  Indulge in the very human trait of vanity as you watch you and your partner indulge in carnal pleasures.

SLOTH: Sometimes a man just needs to slow down. Laziness is something we’ve all enjoyed on the occasional weekend as we allow ourselves to relax.  Allow yourself to be pampered by these very beautiful women while you just lie down in a bathtub and lazily sip champagne.

RAGE:  Passion increases a thousand-folds when you mix a little rage with it. Be dominated by your seemingly coy companions and discover their wild side. Find out how a little pain can make lust immeasurably powerful.  They won’t stop until they make you beg for their forgiveness.

LUST: What is lust, but a longing for some physical comfort. Do not leave anything to the imagination. Spend a night full of sin with these very attractive women and discover a new level lustfulness you never even knew existed.