Charlie’s Angels Package

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have three drop dead gorgeous women hanging on to your arms, avidly listening to your every word, and all this while letting you know in subtle ways that talking is not all that they are interested in?

Get three gorgeous models all for yourself and discover if they are more than you can handle. The mere memory of having these beautiful women intertwined with you, naked on your bed, will get your heart racing. You have not known lust until you have been in the company of three women willing to do anything.

The pleasure of this experience will make your heart skip a bit. You will find yourself wishing for more and all your wishes will be met as well. Nothing is off limits. Watch as these women lust over each other and then turn on you and take you to such heights of pleasure as you have never experienced before.

Role play, elaborate outfits, or just a few revealing leather outfits. The choice is totally yours. Do as you will and order your angels around. Prepare to get dominated by these fierce women and discover the thrill of submission.

The sensation of your skin rubbing against their skin as your naked body as it lays resting in the midst of three equally naked and sweaty bodies will be a memory that you will cherish forever.