Melbourne Model Escorts – How to present like a real model!

When working as a Melbourne Model Escorts it is important you present like a real model. Even if you are not working professionally, the client will still have the expectation that a beautiful, well groomed woman will arrive at his hotel. Not to mention one who takes good care of herself.

There are a number of small things you can do to ensure you keep yourself looking and feeling fabulous. These things might just end up being the difference between an hr long booking and an overnight. Or the opportunity to form a long term relationship with a VIP client ;-)

Regular Mani and Pedi’s – Don’t be fooled, a man can always tell when a Melbourne Model Escorts have taken the time to ensure their fingers and toes are clean and nicely painted.

Spray Tan’s – A great way to look bronzed, glowing and instantly slimmer! You can get a spray tan quickly and inexpensively at a number of beauty salons. They even have home spray tanning kits you can purchase from major retailers too – if you’re keen and think you won’t make it look streaky.

Clean Living – It is important for your body and mind that you refrain from taking drugs, and certainly limit your alcohol and quit the cigarettes!

Exercise – Even if you have an incredibly busy schedule you should still make time to move your body. Working as a Melbourne Model Escort means you will be in your lingerie and even less a lot of the time. It is important you feel comfortable in your skin and the client can see that you respect your body. Try doing Yoga, Pilates, Running or a Spin Class at the gym.