Bianca LeBrock

5’6″, 22 yrs

Beautiful and wild Bianca has a body you will not be able to take your eye off from. In her free time she likes swimming and doing yoga. She cares about her body and it shows in her perfectly flat abs and gorgeous long legs. A tall leggy beauty who will hang on to your arm and whisper seductively into your ear naughty things that will surely tempt you to skip the dinner and have her for the main course instead.

She is a philosophy major, loves to talk about intangible ideas, and has a lot to say about love. At the end of your date as the two of you lie spent on your beds, she may talk to you about long lost romance and the things that matter to her. She has eyes that will make your heart melt and you will be ready to do anything to make her happy. Enjoy your date with Bianca as she gently massages you and helps you unwind. She is an expert masseuse and will pleasure your whole body like you have never been before. To best enjoy your time with her, we recommend you book her for the Executive Package.