Caitlyn Jett

5’7″, 23 yrs

This gorgeous beauty with honey blond hair has deep aquamarine eyes that will make you fall in love. She is a classic beauty and has a physique that will have you mentally undressing her for the entire duration of the dinner. Caitlyn is a professional beach volleyball player for a minor team and is often traveling across the coast for her many away games.

Being a professional player allows Caitlyn to have the hard toned body of an athlete. With an enduring stamina, she will leave you gasping for breath as she has her way with you. She has long tanned legs, and loves to show them off in tight miniskirts and deep slit cocktail dresses. She is a very fun person to be with and will never give you a moment to sit down and relax. You will be left scrambling to keep up with her, and trust us, she will be well worth all the effort.

Caitlyn is an expert dancer and has the grace and finesse of a highly trained ballerina. Book her for the Striptease package and you will be left mesmerized by her body moving and bending in ways you thought the human body was incapable of.