Celia Lombardo

5’10”, 25 yrs

Celia’s European heritage has blessed her with tanned good looks and luscious lips, but her charming personality is all her own. Fitness is the hobby of this long-legged model, and she also enjoys lunches with the girls. But before you write her off as a girly model-socialite, you should know she is well travelled and is studying forensic science.. Definitely not a flat, boring woman, Celia is full of these little discoveries, making one feel they will never truly know her. She has many little habits and idiosyncrasies which make her unique. However her strong point in this aspect is her energy and affection. A truly loving young lady, Celia can keep up with you, physically and mentally. She will also leave you smiling. Perfect as a travel companion, or as a companion to a sporting day. She also makes a wonderful date to any business or social function.  Loads of fun, she is just so delicious to look at – how can you go wrong?