Greta Muller

5’7″, 24 yrs

Plain and simple, Greta is a hottie. very confident in herself, she knows she is sexy, but while she enjoys the attention she attracts, she is definitely not full of herself. She has a lot more to offer than her initial allure! Charming and captivating, her confidence also brings a special sparkle to her personality. The presence she brings to any engagement creates your initial interest, but as you get to know her and her opinions, you will find her to be a kind hearted and slightly irreverent young lady, who refuses to feel guilt over the things she enjoys – chocolate, her night time adventures, a glass or two of wine.. She loves to revel in the pleasures of life, but is also very generous in her desire for others to enjoy life also. Such a lovely person, to accompany her foxy looks, Greta is a wonderful choice of companion.


Greta- Melbourne Escorts