Lana Nixon

5’11”, 26 yrs

Lana is a thoughtful and elegant young woman, beautiful and poised. With lovely deportment and social etiquette, this glowing vision will make you wonder what you did to deserve someone so delicious and charming! Lovely in every way, Lana will delight you from the moment you first meet. She is utterly captivating, endearing herself to everyone who knows her. Hardly a simple woman, she has many layers, and is a complicated woman. Yet this is exactly what gives her access to such deep sources of passion and desire, you may find her intense energy far too exciting. The kind of woman that men fall in love with, Lana is accidentally dangerous. Don’t fall too hard for this pampering, sexy, loving beauty, whose gaze deep into your eyes could send you into a trance of desire and un-ending passion.