Monica Franc

5’9″, 26 yrs

Tall, gorgeous and sexy are the first words that will come to your mind when you first meet Monica. She exudes sensuality and is an accomplished theatre artist. She has a clear voice and you will be delighted to hear her talk about the things she loves. She is a rare woman who will make you forget all your worries for the time that you are with her.

Monica is very friendly and will cater to your every request. She likes to have fun and will willingly agree to any fantasy you have. She gives a great massage, and will help set your mood for the night with a sensual massage. Get her to dress up as a nurse and you might just have a mild stroke when you see her wearing a doctor’s apron, with nothing underneath it. She has a perfect body and you will enjoy her warm breath on your skin, as she lies right next to you, covered in sweat and still panting from all the effort.

We recommend that you book Monica for the French Fantasy package. Her luscious lips slowly descending on your body and her tongue exploring your body will make you groan with pleasure.