Nicole Capella

Age: 23 yrs

Stats: 34″ C natural, 24″, 34″

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 52kg

Sydney & Melbourne

Nicole is the perfect stranger you’d want to spend endless evenings with. She is warm, caring and stunningly beautiful. She is nicole-2014_3incredibly sophisticated and well read, and prefers to hang out with men who stimulate her intellectually. She has an elegance and grace that attracts men who like more than just a pretty face. Nicole has electric blue eyes that seem to pierce through you. She is devastatingly cute and has many admirers. She is an Australian woman of British heritage and has that English sophistication that intellectual men respond to. She has a very distinguished sense of style and always dresses exquisitely.

Nicole has a slender physique and is in an incredible shape. She is always well groomed and in her free time, she continually works out to keep her exquisite body in shape. Nicole is also a very creative individual and loves art. She is the perfect combination of posh and stylish. Nicole has a very curvy body and a face that you will never forget. Nicole is well groomed in all the fine dining etiquettes and makes for an ideal partner for any occasion that calls for grace and poise.