Riva Malone

Age: 22 yrs

Stats: 34″C natural, 24″, 34″

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 52kg


Riva is a golden skinned beauty who will keep you coming back for more. She is slender beauty with sensational legs which you riva2014_1will especially enjoy as she gently rubs them along your legs from across the table while you have a few drinks. She flirts outrageously with her dates and will make you go crimson with her unabashed desires. Riva is an absolute bundle of joy and is a very affable and fun person to hang out with.  She is blessed with a naturally curvy and bodacious figure and looks stunning dressed in formal attire. Riva is a perfect combination of exotic and sensual and has a very sweet and polite nature. She is very popular amongst our clients who need a gorgeous companion for business meetings. She is very elegant and poised and knows how to properly conduct herself in these meetings. She is a trained classical dancer and her training gives her a unique grace when she walks. Riva is a gregarious young woman who loves to travel and go shopping. She is thoroughly diplomatic and will always be at her best behaviour when you are with your acquaintances. Move away from the crowd and she will delight you with her playfulness and daring.