Willow Simpson

5’5″, 23 yrs

Stunningly attractive and with a boisterous personality, Willow is the nicest person you will ever meet. Get to know her well enough and you will discover that there is a deliciously dark side to her that only a few will ever get to see. She is the kind of girl you will want by your side for a day full of formal business dinners, followed by a night of passion and eroticism.

Willow is a budding model and will be delighted to pose for you in various sensual positions. Remember though, the only photos you can capture of her, are mental images. She is going to look after you, pamper you and will provide you a complete Geisha experience. Sip champagne from her naval or lick dark chocolate from her bosom. She has a very shapely body and flawless skin, which she will allow you to explore gently.

Willow is our Tantric sex expert and is always trying to find out about the ancient arts of seduction. You will experience physical pleasures like you could ever have even thought were possible. She will  teach you how to prolong the experience for as long as you can and will completely exhaust you with her lovemaking.