Executive Decision Package


The Executive Decision Package is one of our most popular starter-packages for the gentlemen who have recently discovered Sacred Tantric Pleasure and are now interested in creating a deeper bond with our high class Melbourne or Sydney Tantric escort to allow them a richer and more fulfilling experience. It constitutes of a beatific evening date with the Tantric escort of your choice. The Executive Decision package is made up of three tiers which are best suited for the gentlemen who are relative novice to Sacred Tantric Pleasure and want to dabble in it.:

2 hours (+ 30 minutes complimentary time):

For gentlemen who have recently had a Tantric encounter and now want to gain a deeper connection with their Tantric escort which would allow them a more enhanced experience next time. It provide you with ample of time to take your Tantric escort for a few drinks as you get to know her better.

3 hours (+ 1 hour complimentary time):

For the gentlemen who have experienced the high of Sacred Tantric Pleasure and want to establish a spiritual connection with their Tantric escort. The intermediate package gives you the time to take your Tantric escort out for a dinner and allows you to deepen your bond with her as you share an intimate conversation with her over a shared meal. At any point of time during the date you can choose to extend the date for whatever amount of time you may desire. The ability to make a date into an overnight stay is your Executive Decision.

5 hours (+ 1 hour complimentary time):

For the gentlemen who want the very best Sacred Tantric Pleasure. It provides you with the time to intimately know your Tantric escort and establish a meaningful and spiritual connection with her. Treat her well and spoil her a little as you enjoy her company on an extended date. Spend time with her after the date is over and let her indulge you with all the entertainment options at her disposal.  You can choose to extend this date till the next morning as you wake up to breakfast in bed with a gorgeous woman next to you without needing to give us prior notice and that is your Executive Decision.

Enjoy all the wonders that the city has to offer with a  lovely and willing companion. Enjoy your date and experience the thrill of old school romance as you get to know your Tantric escort better. This will result in a much more satisfying Sacred Tantric Experience for you and will be far ore memorable than just a quick visit to your hotel.