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Frequently Asked Questions

The F.A.Q. section is intended at answering some of your general queries that are quite common with most of our clients. It is also meant to let you know about some of the industry slang and terminologies. We hope to clear some of the confusion and doubts that you have about our service. If you can’t find your query in the list of questions provided here, feel free to get in touch with us at Mona Lisa Escorts.


Q. Do you operate solely in Melbourne?

A. Our major operations are based out of Melbourne but we also provide services in Sydney with a beautiful selection of high class models. We do however provide companions for clients going on international tours.


Q. What are your office timings?

A. We open at 11 AM in the morning and are open till 4 AM in the night.


Q. Can your escorts be booked for international travel?

A. Yes. Most of our escorts will be ready to travel as your companion on international trips. We provide special packages for international companions. All payments have to be made in advance and this facility is available only to existing customers. New clients will have to wait to be eligible for this service. This is for purely the security of our escorts.


Q. Are the prices listed on your websites final. Is there no way that I could get a reduced price?

A. The prices quoted on our websites aren’t negotiable unfortunately. These costs include the escort’s fee, our own service fee and the costs of providing security drivers and chauffeured cars for our escorts. We have tried to list prices after careful consideration and unfortunately there are no discounts that you could avail of.  We do offer several packages that are cheaper than individual features considered separately. You can have a look at them in our Packages section of the website.


Q.  Are the model photos in your website gallery real or have they been acquired from some stock photo service?

A. We work to make sure that all of our models post their real photos on the site. We regularly arrange for professional photographers to conduct photo shoots where existing and new employees can get an updates portfolio of professionally captured pictures. We regularly screen our employees for their authenticity.


Q. How quickly can you arrange an appointment with an escort from the moment I call?

A. Usually It would take no more than 30-45 min the model to arrive at your location after your appointment has been confirmed. We arrange meetings based on availability. It is usually best for you to give us some time to arrange your appointment. If you call with an urgent request, odds are that your preferred girl might not be available. The more time that you give us, the better we can arrange for your appointment to be suited to your requirements.


Q. What exactly am I paying the escort for?

A. We provide the service of companionship. You pay for the escort’s time that she spends with you. I is entirely up to you how you spend that time. You may take her to a party or a show. You may even have her accompany you to dinner or just for a couple of drinks. She will provide you with conversation, her company. You may ask her for a dance. Our escorts are very accommodating and willing to best serve you. We request that you discuss anything that you might need with them. And always remember to behave in a gentlemanly fashion.


Q. What services do I get in the time that I pay the escort for?

A. Our escorts provide a girlfriend experience (GFE) for the duration of your booking with us. She will provide you with her company and behave warmly and friendly with you just like a girlfriend would.


Q. When do I make the payment?

A. For local reservations you are expected to pay the model the full amount within five to ten minutes of your meeting. In case of payments for international companion services you have to pay us in advance.


Q. What are the payment methods that you accept?

A. We accept payment in cash, credit cards and via bank transfers. We are trying to increase this to include a few different internet payment methods as well. We will update it on our website when we start supporting that method of payment.


Q. Can I pay using a Cheque?

A. We currently do not accept payments via Cheques.


Q. What do In-call / Outcall mean?

A. These are two different types of meeting arrangements. An in-call meeting is when you can visit the escort at her place of residence. In outcall meetings the escort comes to your residence or hotel.


Q. Do you have a fixed premises for In-call meetings? Can I come there to meet a few escorts in person?

A. We do not provide any kind of premise for In-call meetings. We are only an outcall service.


Q.  Can you make a hotel reservation for me?

A. Yes. We offer additional services where we provide for hotel reservations, chauffeured vehicles, dinner reservation and tickets for shows in the city. You need to pay us in advance for these services.


Q. Why do you ask me for my name?

A. We conduct stringent screening checks both for our escorts and our clients. This is to ensure security of both the client and our escorts.


Q. Why do I have to give my hotel room number in advance and receive a call from there to confirm an outcall appointment?

A. This is a security measure meant to deter prank callers. It ensures that you are present in the hotel room where you have requested for an escort.


Q. The faces of your escorts on the website are hidden or blurred. Why is that?

A. Our escorts are young women from good families looking to make some extra money. They are usually college students and as such prefer that their faces not be made public to prevent them from potentially being identified by people who may know them. Once you sign up for our services, complete pictures may be made available to you with the full knowledge of the model.


Q. The escort I saw the last time I was In Sydney is no longer listen on your website. Where can I find her?

A. We regularly employ new women as our previous escorts get settled in their lives and move on. If an escort isn’t listed on our website, it means she is no longer employed with us. We don’t hand out personal information of our employees or ex-employees. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Q. I used another agency and the girl I selected was nothing like the girl I expected to meet with. Will I have the same problem with you?

A. All of our models are screened thoroughly to ensure that the pictures on the website are of them only. We offer you the option to pay the model herself once you have met her and verified for yourself.


Q. Can I request for a specific dress?

A. Yes. We provide for role playing facilities and you can ask for special costumes (within reason).


Q. Can I book multiple escorts at the same time?

A. Yes. Feel free to book as many escorts as you want. Check out our packages section for special offers.


Q. Would your escort join me and my partner?

A. Yes. A number of our escorts offer special services to couples. Do call our friendly receptionists to find out if the escort you’ve selected from our website offers that service.


Q. Can I read any client reviews about your escorts?

A. We have a client section on our website where clients can talk about their experience with the escorts. Feel free to check them out or comment once you have used our services.


Q. Do you have a presence on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter?

A. Yes. Out Twitter and Facebook information is available on our website. Feel free to follow us there and follow our latest updates.


Q. Are you looking for new escorts?

A. Yes. If you are interested in working for us, you can apply on our Employment page.


Q. You have a blog? What is it about?

A. It discusses some of the perspectives of our escorts and also covers a few unrelated topics. Do subscribe to our blog and check it out regularly.