Geisha Pamper Experience Package

The Orientals have long since fascinated us with their mystical practices and exotic beauties. A Geisha is a Japanese high class courtesan who provides companionship and entertainment to her distinguished patrons. The Geisha Pamper Experience is a Mona Lisa Escorts™ specialty.  We will make your Geisha fantasy come true and provide you with the best of services.

Your Geisha will pamper you in every possible way. She will bathe you, clean you, dry you and get you dressed. She will shave you, massage you and wash your hair. You can have your hair washed, your teeth brushed and even request that she feed you if you so desire. You will enjoy every luxury and service that the Geisha’s in ancient Japan used to offer their patrons but unlike in Japan where a Geisha only offered companionship and innocent entertainment, we will provide you the ultimate Geisha experience but with a naughty twist.

You will start your Geisha Pamper Experience with a Geisha bath. The Geisha bath has several variations and focuses on pampering you, the patron. It starts with you seating yourself down in a comfortable fashion as she makes tea for you which is the traditional drink of choice in Japan. You can request for a different drink if you want. She will hold the drink in her hands and will slowly let you to drink it. She will perform the traditional Japanese dance for you which is a visually rich experience. Or if you so desire, you can request her to perform a more recent dance as she seductively glides across the floor for you. She will sing for you while she sets up the mood and light scented candles across the entire room. She will help you into a luxurious bath and massage you with essential oils and gently massage you all over, all this while kissing you tenderly all over your body. She will then proceed to dry your freshly cleaned body and rub moisturizer all over your body. After the bath she will feed you. You can also request to drink champagne from her breasts.

The whole Geisha Pamper experience is meant to set the mood for the next part of her service and is part of the package. You can also request for an authentic Geisha experience if you so desire and we will be happy to arrange it for you.