High Class Melbourne Escort

When I was in Melbourne on business a week ago I stayed at a hotel in South Yarra. It was such a great private boutique hotel and the perfect place to enjoy the company of a high class Melbourne escort.

Being a visitor to Melbourne and South Yarra I decided to get on the internet and do a Google search on elite escort agency that represented South Yarra escorts. To my surprise there was quite a few to select from which made my decision all the more daunting but exciting at the same time. I called a couple of agencies and as luck would have it arranged for a beautiful blonde escort to join me that evening at 8 pm. The receptionist at the agency worked me out a fantastic package as I was a new client and we decided upon a couple of hours tonight and if all went well I would get the gorgeous Melbourne escort to play tourist guide and spend the day with me the next day and show me the sights of Melbourne and a little bit of personal pampering.

I was so excited with the prospect of my evening ahead that I could hardly concentrate at work and I am sure that my work colleagues were questioning the sneaky grin I had from ear to ear. I rushed back to my hotel after my last meeting so as I would have time to shower and shave before my escort arrived. I must have just gotten out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. I really did not want her to think that I was so excited to meet with her that I had taken my clothes off before she arrived but to my delight the beautiful escort couldn’t have been happier to have seen me wet from my shower with just a towel covering my modesty. This blonde South Yarra beauty was an absolute vision and a really raunchy cheeky minx and quite frankly she seemed to really enjoy our hours of mutual passion. The two hours I spent with her flew by and she seemed to be disappointed about leaving but I promised we would catch up the next day . No sooner was she out the door that I called the agency and thanked the receptionist and  made the arrangements for the next day. That night I will admit my dreams were pretty vivid and yes were all about the stunning high class Melbourne escort.

The following morning she arrived and we took up where we left off the night before. This woman was amazing a pure pleasure artist. I finally had to drag myself away from her and we showered and got dressed and walked outside into a beautiful Melbourne spring day. We went along Chapel st and had lunch together. This high class companion was not only beautiful but interesting and we talked and laughed over lunch as though we had known each other for years. She kept affectionately touching me all during lunch and yes it did not take me long before I suggested we head back to my hotel. When you are in Melbourne next or if you live in Melbourne you must spoil yourself and make an appointment to meet with one of Mona Lisa’s escorts you will not be disappointed.