Model Casting

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At Mona Lisa Escorts™, we are always looking for beautiful and talented young women, who would like to supplement their income, want to meet influential businessmen and high powered executives and live the high life.

When you enter a room, are all eyes in the room trained on you? Would you describe yourself as smart and charismatic? Are you a social butterfly who can hold a conversation on any topic? Do you have a certain grace about yourself when you move around? If the answer to all of these questions is a yes then contact us now for a private and confidential audition. We are the premium high class escorts service in Melbourne and Sydney and would love to hear from you.

The life of a high class escort is full of adventures. She gets to meet new people every day. International travel and living first class is the natural way for them. She is the key in helping important people pull off an elaborate ruse and this line of work is definitely very exciting. It is an exciting life for a person looking to live on the edge and pays quite well too.

Live the high life

Mona Lisa Escorts™ caters to high end clients and provides them with companions for business meetings and private functions. If you are interested in living on the go and always attending the most happening parties in the country, Mona Lisa Escorts™ is the place for you. Attend private parties on luxury cruises and exclusive country clubs. Dine at the finest restaurants in the world. Fly out to exotic locations for free and get paid just to have a good time.

Attend the most exclusive parties at the most exclusive locations:

When you work for Mona Lisa Escorts™, our clients who are mostly rich businessmen will do everything to make sure that you have a good time. They live an exclusive life and you will get to be part of that life as well. When you’re with our clients, every service that is extended to them is also yours to partake in. Party in the most exclusive clubs in the world, relax and allow yourself to be pampered in the most exclusive of resorts. Attend art openings, mix with celebrities, and travel in private jet planes.  Hang out with some of the most influential people on this planet and experience the life that only the super rich can afford. Enjoy the best services and all this while getting paid for it.

Visit exotic countries and see the world firsthand:

Our jet setting clients often require companions for overseas journeys. Accompany them to beautiful cities like Paris, New York, London, Moscow, Toronto, Dubai and Milan. Visit every corner of the world and do it in style. Travel first class everywhere and stay at the best hotels. Observe the cultural differences, meet people from different countries and marvel at human ingenuity, all this while you sip from your glass of chilled champagne. You get to experience the world in at its finest and that too for free. Everything is paid for by the client. Shop at Oxford Street, visit the Colosseum in Rome, take a romantic gondola ride in Venice and dine at the finest French and Italian restaurants.

Hang out with the super elite:

One of the benefits of being a high class escort is that your clients are rich and successful people who like showing you off to their acquaintances. This puts you in touch with some of the most influential people in the world. Hang out with the rich and move in their circle. Get to know movie celebrities, business tycoons, political powerhouses and corporate honchos. Maybe you are a budding model, writer, or singer and will meet the right person who will make your dream come true. The connections you make here will be immensely useful. The possibilities are endless.


Oh and did we mention, you get paid for all this. You actually get paid to go on a holiday and stay at the most expensive resorts and hotels. Being a high class escort has a lot of perks. When you work for Mona Lisa Escorts™, the premium escorts service in Australia, you get the highest pay in the market. We have high end clients who don’t mind paying well for a quality experience.

A good escort is the embodiment of a lot of qualities. She has to be good looking, well spoken, have a graceful body, elegant and well versed with the proper techniques of fine dining. She needs to be a good listener. She must be diplomatic, polite and have a slow temper. It is an added bonus if she’s an accomplished dancer, but every escort must know the usual forms of popular dances. At the end of the day this is a profession and she must be a thorough professional. We don’t allow any kind of drug use or excessive drinking habits.

We take special care to ensure the safety of our employees. They are always accompanied by our security personnel for all in-call and outcall meetings. We enforce a strict no drugs policy and if a client forces you to partake, you have the freedom to walk out and report it to our security personnel. We are utmost discrete in all our dealings with our clients and expect them to extend the same courtesy to us. Your personal information will never be disclosed to any client or a third party. We will only share the information that you implicitly give us permission to. We strive to maintain a balance between your privacy and the client’s confidentiality and will never do anything to jeopardize it. We carefully screen all of our clients to ensure that they are who they’re claiming to be. We never send new clients for in-call appointments and a security driver will act as your chaperone whenever you go for an outcall meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a high class escort for Mona Lisa Escorts™, please call our understanding staff to arrange a private interview at our office. You can call on 1300 306 346 (toll free within Australia), or alternatively fill out the contact form that is given below.