Mona Lisa High Class Escorts

As an elite high class escorts agency, Mona Lisa Escorts has a unique insight into what makes an escort a “high class” one. Whether in Melbourne, Sydney, Paris or New York City, elite escorts and luxury companions are in high demand. In this post we will go into some of the details that make women of a higher quality, giving them the right to refer to themselves as a high class escorts.

First and foremost, hygiene, cleanliness and grooming are top priorities. No elite woman is unclean, and her health and safety force her to remain hygienic at all times. This extends to her physical cleanliness, as well as her abstinence from any kind of illegal substances.

Drugs are NOT “high class” in any way, shape or form. A lady who risks her health with drugs or over indulgence in alcohol is not elite, nor an example of high class escorts. Proper grooming and elegant, understated presentation are obvious requirements when catering for an elite clientele.

The next big priority is discretion and confidentiality. A big mouth is never trustworthy or reliable.