Privacy Policy



Mona Lisa Escorts™ first and foremost commitment is to protect your privacy. Outlined below are our privacy policies and an explanation of the records we keep and how we use them. We have strict guidelines to adhere to and do not disclose your confidential information to any private third parties WITHOUT your EXPLICIT APPROVAL for any reason.

Collection of Personal Details

Mona Lisa Escorts™ maintains a record of your information when you contact us. All the details that you provide us are always encrypted using state of the art algorithms and stored on our highly secure servers. We keep no records on our premises which can be stolen. The details that may be collected include your full name, address, contact information and your email address. We may also record your payment information if you authorize payment through your credit card.

Mona Lisa Escorts™ uses these details to authorize payment from internet banking gateways. These are all highly secure Merchant services and have extensive privacy policies to protect your data. All online payment gateways that we use for obtaining your payment are PCI compliant, and under NO circumstance do we reveal what you are paying us for. Once your payments have been authorized, all your personal details are stored on our encrypted server and are accessible only to select personnel. All soft copy and hard copy data on our side is then destroyed so as ensure the maximum security of your personal information.

Use of Personal Details

Mona Lisa Escorts™ only uses your personal details to help us perform the duties that you ask from us. We may use your contact information to contact you to inform you of new deals and attractive packages that we only offer to select clients. This is only done when we you have EXPLICITLY INDICATED that you WANT this service. If you have not opted for this feature then we WON’T EVER contact you from our side. Your details may be used to measure and assess our client services, and perform client purchasing preferences analysis. This is done only after anonymizing your data so that it only reflects a general age group, the city where you reside and the services you prefer. No personal information that could identify you is ever used for this. We always secure your data using banking grade security and all unsecured data is security wiped using military grade data wiping techniques.

Third party service providers

We may have to supply part of your personal information to third parties like hotels and chauffeured vehicle agencies to perform services on our behalf.  This is only done when you EXPLICITLY ASK us to provide you these services. The information that may be given out under these circumstances includes your name and the room number to a hotel reception so that we may be able to contact you and check for confirmation. Again, under no circumstance to we disclose the nature of our contract.

We never identify ourselves as Mona Lisa Escorts™ for these services and use aliases or our private information to ensure that you may never be associated with our services in any way. We require that all the third party services that we use sign a non-disclosure agreement with us to ensure the highest possible confidentiality for you

Accuracy and Transparency

We keep no unsecured records of your information under any circumstances. We make it our first priority to protect the privacy of all our clients and escorts.

Analytics, Internet Marketing and ‘Cookies’

Mona Lisa Escorts™ makes use of web analytical tools Google Webmaster Kit and use Google Adwords to monetize our site. These services place cookies in your internet browsers, and may use them to collect this information unless you have configured your internet browser to disallow cookies. NO IDENTIFYING INFORMATION IS COLLECTED USING THIS. These cookies DO NOT collect any information that might identify you. They are only used to analyze how our website is used. It tracks information like the pages you visited and how long you stayed on that page. Such information is only collected to help us improve our website content and serve you even better.


Mona Lisa Escorts™ reserves the right to make any changes to its privacy policy without first needing to inform you. All such privacy changes will be published here. We will not advertise the changes in our privacy policies and you will have to check this page manually for any and all updates.


This is version dated  July 18th, 2015.