Sacred Tantric Pleasure

There are many who seek solace in sex. It is deeply comforting and invigorating at the same time. There are many religions that have talked about reaching enlightenment, or nirvana, through sex. Ancient pagan religions recognized the communion of a man and a woman as a sacred thing and considered it a means to find peace. The Kama Sutra is perhaps the most widely recognized book about sex in the world today. It talks in depth about spiritual awakening using sex. The technique of using sex to attain spiritual awakening is called Tantric sex or Sacred Tantric Pleasure. Tantric sex not only allows you to experience heightened pleasure, it also brings you closer with your partner spiritually.

Tantric sex is considered sacred and is a way of experiencing increased pleasure with your partner. It involves postponing your climax for as long as you can, so that when you do experience climax, it is a physically exhilarating release that leaves you elated. It involves more than just a physical connection. You connect with your partner on a level that is beyond just physical or emotional alone. This spiritual connection, brought on by a series of purifying acts and special techniques to increase physical and spiritual connection, is a highly satisfying and spiritual experience. Many people also refer to this at times as “sexual healing” and it is one of the services that an experienced courtesan provides.

A certain level of intimacy between you and your sexual partner is needed for attaining heightened spiritual release. This is usually the reason that the experience gets better each time you connect with the courtesan. This process takes months and years to master and gets better with each passing day. The more you connect with your partner, the more vivid and gratifying the experience gets. Achieving Tantric pleasures with a courtesan is an on-going process and gets better over time as you gain intimacy and spiritual togetherness.

Tantric pleasure is the perfect amalgamation of the physical and spiritual needs of a person to connect with someone. It involves a dense spiritual melding of two souls combined with a fiercely animalistic physical manifestation of lust. Only when the soul and the body align themselves in wanting someone with equal desire does Tantric pleasure reach its crescendo. It starts with the couple getting physically close to each other in such a way that the body of two is in maximum contact. This increased physical contact is then maintained. There are a number of smaller tantric rituals that performed before and after this embrace. There are a number of complicated steps that need to be followed for an optimal experience. Purification and cleansing rituals need to be performed by both the partners to ensure compatibility. The physical act alone helps balance the spiritual energies of the two lovers and put them in perfect sync. There are seven chakras, or energy point in a human beings body. With heightened spiritual awareness, these chakras start to open and release an energy which a normal human being never even knows exists. With practice one can learn to open as many as five chakras. Only a few sages have been known to master all seven chakras. It is said that mastering all seven chakras makes one beyond the realms of living. It is like attaining heaven on earth. This state is known as a ‘samadhi’ and while in this state a person is at one with the universe. They no longer exist as a single entity and they become the world while the world becomes them.

Tantric rituals are a series of steps aimed at awakening the individual chakra. After the purification rituals, the male and the female are put in a state of enhanced physical intimacy. This nearness helps them use with each other on a spiritual level. The masculine and the feminine energies of the two slowly intermingle and produce a unified field of energy. This puts the couple in a state of heightened trance where spiritual nirvana is possible. Tantric pleasure is focused on the forbidden. It centers on denying yourself the pleasure of a climax for as long as you can. A series of rituals like intense physical touch, mental nearness and emotional togetherness are performed to heighten the experience. There starts a buildup of the energies of the couple that is not allowed a release.

There comes a time when the buildup of sexual energy reaches such a point that it becomes physically impossible for you and your partner to contain it. This is when climax is allowed o happen. The sudden release of all this pent up energy results in a tremendous climax that is intensely spiritual.

As one gains more experience with oneself and the courtesan, the couple can hold themselves off for increasingly longer durations of time. The longer you can hold yourself from climaxing, the more intense the climax gets. This make people try to hold on a little longer each time they get together. With practice and familiarity most people can learn to hold on to this experience for 2-4 hours but some couples have been known to last twice as long as that.

Tantric rituals require a deep emotional connection and spiritual intimacy to experience exhilarating release. A healthy relationship does more than just make for intense climaxes. It helps to increase your confidence on yourself and gives you a feeling of self assuredness. This is the critical factor that most couples need to focus on. The ultimate high in a sexual relationship comes not from multiple conquests but from conquering oneself with the help of someone you are spiritually in union with.

The Taoists have described a men and a woman as the polar opposites of each other. The male is said to be fire, while the female is equated to water. In a sexual relationship where the two are not in tandem, the water puts out the fire too quickly, leaving the couple feeling unsatisfied. With the help of tantric rituals, the couple can learn to create a spiritual bond with each other. This bond ensures that water and the fire learn to work together instead of canceling each other out. As men, it is our duty to make love to a woman for as long as she may require to be truly satisfied. The practice of Tantra will help you become a better lover. As an intelligent and considerate man you can do better than just involve yourself in meaningless conquests and truly learn to experience the sheer high of a spiritual encounter with a Sydney high class courtesan.