The Gentleman’s Guide | High Class Escorts

How do you get the best from your high class escorts?

Most mature minded and well bred gentleman already knows these guidelines, but for those a little unsure or inexperienced, please read on.

You get the best from your high class escorts by first having the right idea about what you – and they – are doing. Yes it is all very sexy and exciting, but if you want it to stay that way, you need to show respect and be NICE. Simply treat her as you would any other professional – your female solicitor, your female hotel reception, your female accountant. She is a professional provider, who does enjoy her work, but work it is. She is making her living this way, and deserves to deal only with polite, considerate clients.

The model should have a good attitude and enjoy her work – she should want to be there, and if you feel like she has an attitude, it is probably best to politely ask to swap her with another escort – even in this situation, ALWAYS be a polite gentleman – once you have a reputation for being rude, it will be very difficult to get top model escorts and lovely young girls to come visit you!

Don’t play games

Find out her details up front. Confirm everything with the high class escort agency beforehand. Know the price; explain the experience you are looking to have, make sure the girl you selected off a website photo is actually going to be suitable for you in person. Using filthy language or descriptions will not get the receptionist to send you one of her girls…

Once you’ve made your decision, be reliable. Answer your phone, and your door, and keep your appointment, or call to cancel if you need to.

Right before the appointment

Shower-Shower-Shower! :-) Brush your teeth, shave, use cologne if you like – make a small effort, as she is making a big effort for you. The very least you can do is be hygienic and give her a clean work space! ;-)  This is a mutually enjoyable date, so do hold up your half of the bargain.

Have her payment somewhere nearby, in the correct amount. Be an adult, don’t play games here either.

Don’t be drunk or high. One drink to calm your nerves is fine. Slurring or smelling like a bar is definitely not sexy.

During your date

Be engaging and considerate. Offer her a drink, treat her like a lady. don’t grope at her the second she arrives. Have some self control, you’re not a Neanderthal, and we live in a civilized society. Most of us, anyway..  :-)

Don’t ask stupid personal questions, she will think you are stupid too. Ask how her day was, what she likes to do in her spare time, where she likes to travel. Don’t ask about her work or her private life. You could politely ask her how she likes to be touched, what she thinks is sexy etc. This is about you and her, not her working life experience. Be a gentleman and don’t be crass.

Don’t try to force her to do things she doesn’t want to do, she is a human being with the same rights as every living person, including you. This is a Mutually Enjoyable experience. If you have a specific service you seek, please discuss it politely with the receptionist beforehand. If she says no to something, she is not going to change her mind. Back off.

Don’t ask for her personal number – if she wanted to give out her number she would work privately. She works with an agency for a reason, you’re just embarrassing yourself by giving her your number, or asking for hrs. This is a business arrangement, be a man.

Don’t expect free time. When the booking is over, politely say goodnight. And don’t ask her to go on a free date with you. This is her work. Your accountant wouldn’t do your work for free, nor would your solicitor, architect or marketing guy, so don’t ask your escort to do things for free either.


Should you get to any kind of intimacy, ask her how she likes to be touched. If she graces you with the gift of being more intimate, treat that offer with respect. Don’t be rough, don’t squeeze or bite anything, don’t ignore parts of her body. Be sensual, firm but gentle, and caress her all over, don’t just race for downtown…! Be gentle with nipples, and don’t shove your fingers anywhere. Treat her like a soft fruit. Listen to your intimate partners and high class escorts, and you might find yourself becoming quite a good lover in time.. ;-)

Be tidy, massage her gently, and don’t make her do all the work. Don’t touch her head if she offers you the gift of fellatio. Don’t put her into loads of ridiculous poses and positions. You’re making love not pumping gas on the set of a porno… Don’t go anywhere near her ass if she specifically says no to any anal play. Don’t squash her – be aware of her comfort too. That’s most of the things that any grown, mature man should be aware of – and only grown, mature men have the right to call for a high class escort’s company. One should not try to play with something when one does not know how to handle it.. ;-)

Other than that, as a tasteful and respectful gentleman – enjoy yourself! Enjoy some banter, innuendo, flirtation. Build the anticipation – this is a very exciting experience for both of you. Sense each other’s body language and dance the lovely dance of seduction together. Create a beautiful memory you can both remember pleasantly, and hopefully repeat and add to in subsequent appointments. As a polite and caring gentleman, you will get the very best service, attention and care from your high class escorts. This should be one of the hottest nights of both of your lives… :-)